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Your Coat of Arms or Family Crest is not determined by your last name and it should be unique to your family and your family alone.

It has always been the same, it is not the custom that coats of arms are bestowed rather they are commissioned. We talk about a coat of arms commission when someone wants to create a new coat of arms for their family.

We create unique Coats of Arms that follow the rules of heraldry laid down over the last 900-years dating back to the time of chivalry.

Our team can guide you from start to finish and in the end, we present you with your new arms documentation beautifully bound in leather.

With decades of experience in coat of arms research and creation, we can offer expertise and resources at levels that no other service can match:

A staff of trained heraldic artists, adhering to the same precise principles established 900 years ago.

We personally guide you through the coat of arms commission journey.

Relationships with master artisans for hand painting and fine arts creation.

A commitment to the highest levels of professional service and customer satisfaction.

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The Family Crest Explained

Fine Legacy Coats of Arms

Flores CoA
Davis CoA Fine Legacy

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About Us

At Fine Legacy, we work with you and your family in the most professional, confidential and timely manner.

The Fine Legacy team has over 30 years of experience with the rules and customs crucial to this ancient honor. The coat of arms commissions that we accept adhere to the rules as they have evolved over the past 900-years. We work for you and your family, and you have our pledge that we will deliver the utmost in quality service and authenticity.

We work with you to create your legacy.

It is with this mission in mind that we work to deliver an exceptional experience for you and your family. We will give you a symbol that you will be proud to live now, and that will be around for your many future generations.


Beautiful Timepieces
Incorporating your family coat of arms into a high quality watch will turn it into an individual item of jewelry. Traditionally crafted to absolute precision.

Signet Rings
Live the tradition! Your own Signet Ring is an amazing way to express your devotion to your family values.

Works of Art
Your family coat of arms gives your home and surroundings a personal and unmistakable touch.

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