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Our goal is to always deliver the most professional, personal and confidential service to our clients. It is with this in mind that we work with you to deliver an exceptional experience throughout the journey of creating a new coat of arms for you and your family.
We will work hard to give you a symbol that you will be proud to live now and that will be around for your many future generations. Read more…

Fine Legacy is the preeminent coat of arms & family crest company in the world.

For over 40 years, our team has been helping families like yours create or research coats of arms or family crests. The team at Fine Legacy can give you and your family a coat of arms or family crest that you are excited to wear and to live.

  • 115 years of legacy to share with you
  • 15,000+ family crests delivered to happy families
  • 50,000 family histories presented
  • Largest private coat of arms library in the world

Fine Legacy is a Pro Heraldica USA, LLC company

What is an authentic coat of arms?

Have you found multiple versions of a coat of arms with the same surname under it?   Why is this?

Well, sometime in the past, one or more people with the same surname commissioned a coat of arms for their family. In other words, all coats of arms are connected to a person, not a family name. Once someone has founded a coat of arms, it becomes a “signature image” for their own family.

Your coat of arms is the embodiment of you and your family history, values and beliefs. We have helped over 15,000 families create this lasting legacy, and we would be honored to help you and your family.

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A family coat of arms stands for tradition and history – a symbol of consistency and family pride. Wouldn’t you like to give your family a symbol of these values? A coat of arms is a wonderful way to do that.

There are two paths to bearing an authentic coat of arms:

  1. Research your family history for a direct line to the original bearer.
  2. Commission a new coat of arms for you and your family.

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Commission Report

Along with your completed coat of arms, you will receive a leather-bound commission report and a deed of commission. All of the details of your family coat of arms, as well as the meanings of the individual components, are illustrated and explained in detail.

This is only the beginning. There are many ways the knowdledge of your coat of arms can enrich the lives of you and your family.

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Incorporating your family coat of arms into a high quality watch will turn it into an individual item of jewelry. Traditionally crafted with exquisite materials, in yellow gold, white gold, red gold or platinum, with leather or metal strap. It’s a tangible family tradition which you can admire every day anew on your wrist.

Signet Rings

Live the tradition! We can enhance your jewelry, your porcelain or even your clothing with your family coat of arms making them unique and unmistakable. Our classic item is the signet ring. The rings are all hand-crafted and you can choose from among more than 100 different designs.


Your family coat of arms gives your home and surroundings a personal and unmistakable touch. Porcelain, silver and glass, produced by classical methods with first-class materials. Our experienced craftsmen give your items the final finish by applying your personal coat of arms. View selections from our complete collection.