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The Symbolism Intrinsic to Coats of Arms

Adding Meaning to Your Family’s Coat of Arms

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Without symbolism, a coat of arms would lose all of its meaning and families would feel very little attachment to them. At Fine Legacy, while working with a family to create a coat of arms, we delve into the heraldic symbols and their meanings; not only because of their importance, but because its one of the most enjoyable parts of the process. Taking a back seat only to the shield, the symbols used in the crest, shield or anywhere throughout the coat of arms, create the achievements and characteristics that personify the family. Though your coat of arms symbols can be anything you choose, they are generally picked because of their significance to a family’s history. Finding out more about your lineage before commissioning a family crest or coat of arms is recommended or we can help you find those that speak to you. Because heraldic symbols are vast in number, we will aim to approach them in a series of blogs that list them alphabetically.

Popular Heraldic Symbols include:


Acorn – Representing immortality, perseverance or independence

Anchor – Symbol of religious faith, salvation and hope

Angel – Bearer of good news, glory and honor. An angel should always be shown in full view, wings extended and upright.

Ant –  Representative of a strong, wise worker.

Antelope – Symbolic of harmony, peace and political wisdom. Less often used to represent purity or speed.

Anvil – A symbol of honor. Also used as an emblem of a smith.

Antlers – Strength and fortitude.

Apple – Symbolic of happiness, peace and generosity.

Arm – A naked arm represents hard work and industriousness; an armored arm is representative of one who has served as a leader.

Arrow – Symbolic of military experience or readiness to defend


Barrel – Shows an attachment to the beer or wine industry and hospitality

Bay Leaves (Laurel) – Usually used to represent peace and stillness, it can also be symbolic of victory over a long struggle.

Bear – Representing strength, cunning and bravery.

Bee – used as a sign of industry, creativity, wealth or, in some ancient cultures, a symbol of royalty

Bezant – Also referred to as roundles, bezants are used to show justice, wealth or virtue

Bird – Birds are meant to provide peace and affection for the family

Boar – Most often used as a symbol of courage, the boar also represents hospitality for some

Book – An open book represents manifestation. A closed book represents counsel. Both are symbolic of learning and knowledge

Bull – Shows bravery or generosity. A bull calf that represents the characteristics of patience, humility and sacrifice.

Follow our blog series in the coming weeks and months to discover more coat of arms symbols and their meanings. If you are seeking to have a coat of arms commissioned for your family, we would love to help. Contact us by filling out our online form and get started today.



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