A Coat of Arms is Immortal

The Fine Legacy team has decades of experience with the rules and customs crucial to this ancient honor known as heraldry. The coat of arms commissions that we have the privilege undertaking adhere to the rules as they have evolved over the past 900-years. A unique Coat of Arms is an immortal symbol of your family!

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What our customers say

"It has been an absolute pleasure working with you to create The Coratolo Family Coat of Arms, representing the values we stand for. We thoroughly enjoyed the process, including the research that went into the final product. It is an honor to forward your contact information to several friends and family."

The Coratolo Family

What our customers say

"You can place on brick on top of another and build a house, but all that is merely fleeting. What I received yesterday evening is something which will remain forever --for the family and in the family."

Michael Lemke

How it Works

Your Coat Of Arms

With decades of experience in coat of arms research and creation, we can offer expertise and resources at levels that no other service can match:

  • A staff of trained heraldic artists, adhering to the same precise principles established 900 years ago
  • We personally guide you through the coat of arms commission journey
  • Relationships with master artisans for hand painting and fine arts creation
  • A commitment to the highest levels of professional service and customer satisfaction