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3 Reasons To Find Your Family Crest This Holiday Season


The holiday season is upon us, which means that many people have already begun making their shopping lists and checking them twice. First, you have to decide which friends and family members will be receiving gifts from you this year. Then, you’ll have to decide which gift will bring them the most joy.

At Fine Legacy, we’d like to invite you to think outside the Big Box stores this year. Sure, it’s really easy to hop online, grab a few of the “safe” gifts that people give their Mom, Dad, Uncle, Ant, or Cousin this time of year, punch in your credit card number (springing for the professional wrapping, of course), and call it a day. But think of how much more joy you could spread by finding your family crest and giving a meaningful present that your loved ones will treasure forever?

Many Gifts Are Temporary, Your Family Crest Is Forever

These days, everyone seems to be clamoring for flashy technology and sexy devices. These gifts are expensive and quite amazing, but their luster doesn’t last very long. Not to mention that they’re almost completely devoid of any significant meaning. Unless you just really have a thing for planned obsolescence. Unlike these gifts, which quickly lose their value as well as their appeal, finding your family crest will be a meaningful adventure. At its end, you’ll have a family heirloom that can be passed down through the generations, just like the original family crests from medieval times.

Inspiring The True Sentiment Of The Season

Though it has been completely taken over by consumerism as of late, one could argue that the true meaning of the season–gratitude, generosity, love for family–is perfectly supported by the act of finding your family crest. Here are just a few things that our clients tell us they often experience during and after the process of finding their family crest.

When You Find Your Family Crest You Will…


Remember Where You Came From

The most important element of finding your family crest revolves around understanding your lineage. This means diving deep into your family tree, discovering where your ancestors came from and what they did there. After all, if they never found a way to make it out of the Middle Ages, you and those you love probably wouldn’t exist!

Spark Interesting Conversations

Politics, religion, your niece’s newest tattoo, none of these things make for good conversation around the holiday dinner table. However, when you find your family crest with help from Fine Legacy, you’ll have a conversation piece that everyone can get excited about!

Meaningful Fine Art For Your Home

Sure, you could go to Target and grab a piece of commercially-produced “art” for your living room, but when you find your family crest, it’s an opportunity to decorate your home with something much more meaningful.

We hope this post has inspired you to find your own family crest in anticipation of the holidays. Reconnect over something valuable and meaningful instead of wasting your money on another present that will be obsolete before its warranty expires. Contact Fine Legacy today!

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