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Things You Need Before You Can Create A Coat Of Arms


We’re so glad you’ve found Fine Legacy in your search to learn more about creating a crest and coat of arms for your family. If you’re reading our blog, it’s probably because you’re hoping to learn more about the process for creating a coat of arms and exactly what you can expect from Fine Legacy during this historical adventure.

It’s important to us that you know we strive to uphold the strongest corporate ethics and customer services standards in the business. There are lots of websites out there that claim they will let you create a coat of arms “in minutes” for “next to nothing,” but we caution you against throwing in your lot with these inexperienced outfits. Just like medieval knights had to be careful when pledging their allegiance to a noble family and agreeing to wear their emblems, you must be careful when choosing a company to help you create a coat of arms. The wrong decision could leave you with less money and a bad taste in your mouth.

Here at Fine Legacy, we’ve mapped out an in-depth process for creating a coat of arms so that your satisfaction is guaranteed every step of the way. Keep reading to discover what we’ll expect from you when you start to create a coat of arms with Fine Legacy.

Creating A New Coat Of Arms Vs. Completing An Existing Document

First, let’s talk about the two different ways we help families create a coat of arms. We service both clients who have an existing coat of arms but want to update or complete it, as well as clients who have no known coat of arms but would like to create an heirloom piece for their family.

Things You’ll Need To Begin Creating Your Coat Of Arms

Regardless of whether you’re finishing/revising a coat of arms or starting from scratch, there are some things we’d like you to think about before the process begins.

  1. Family Documents – Creating a coat of arms is a significant undertaking upon the parts of both the artist and the family member who commissions it. Here at Fine Legacy, we’re very concerned with historical accuracy and making sure that we honor the ancient tradition of heraldry. That’s why we may request family documents that support claims of lineage, such as birth certificates, death certificates, marriage certificates, and photographs.
  2. Heraldic Preferences – While many elements of your coat of arms are decided by the history of your family, that’s not to say that you can take creative license with some of the symbols. If you have heraldic preferences about what to include or not include in the coat of arms, we’ll need it in writing early on in the process.
  3. Family Motto – One of the most important parts of creating a coat of arms is identifying and preserving a family motto. If you’re a fan of Game of Thrones, you’ve no doubt heard their fictional family mottos repeated over and over, almost like mantras. If your family already has a motto, we can include it when creating your coat of arms, or, if you’d like to branch out, you can create a new family motto that’s all your own. Either way we’ll need to know what it is before your coat of arms will be complete!

Fine Legacy Is Your Full-Service Partner In Creating A Coat Of Arms

Remember, this list of things you’ll need before you can start creating a coat of arms isn’t set in stone. While knowing all of the answers up front may speed up the process, we understand that you may be unsure about how to find some of these things or make some of these decisions. Not to worry! Fine Legacy is your full-service partner in creating a coat of arms. That’s why we’re very hands on throughout the entire process, offering personal consultations and plenty of chances for revision.

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